21 Dallas Elite Camisa Ezekiel Elliott Cowboys

21 Dallas Elite Camisa Ezekiel Elliott Cowboys Camisa Dallas Cowboys Ezekiel ELLIOTT #21 Elite

Camisa Dallas Cowboys Ezekiel Elliott 21 EliteWhat are the functions and effects of dal?Dal, also known as pigeon bean, willow bean, bean paste, etc., is a perennial woody plant, a special medicine of traditional Chinese medicine.Dal looks a lot like green peas, but dal has very different functions and functions.Dal has the function of tonifying qi, preventing cancer and fighting cancer, can also help recuperate stomach discomfort, enhance memory and so on.Efficacy and action of dal 1 seeds contain phenylalanine and p-hydroxybenzoic acid, p-glutamyl -5-methylcysteine, trypsin inhibitors, chymotrypsin inhibitors.Seed buds contain isoflavones and isoflavanols of dal.It has the function of clearing heat and detoxifying.2. Dal also has the functions of supplementing qi, benefiting water and eliminating food, removing carbuncle and swelling, stopping bleeding and stopping dysentery, treating heart deficiency, edema, bleeding, hemorrhoid, hemorrhoid, diarrhea, beriberi and so on.Women with more leucorrhea, itchy skin, acute enteritis is more suitable for eating, at the same time suitable for cancer, acute gastroenteritis, loss of appetite to eat.4. Treatment of dal 1) liver and kidney edema: dal and pearl seed were five reeds each.Fried soup, twice a day.Avoid salt.2) treat blood shower: dal, plantagenet three cents each, and Fried soup.3) for hemorrhoids: soak dal in wine for one night, take out, roast and grind, and soak in wine for three cents each time.4) treatment of initial tumors: dal, grind and soak in wine, 3 cents at a time, and mash with minced banana meat to compress.This gives us some idea of the characteristics of the dal, and we shall not be surprised to see this plant again, and perhaps we shall love it.As a kind of plant that is not precious, dal is the most common crop in high temperature areas, and it also has great medicinal value, enjoying a good reputation in the field of medicine.

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