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Indiana Pacers Rik Smits JerseySword military France near the Atlantic ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, the waters of the world third, its have also is the only one of European countries have a military presence in the Pacific countries, and France in the Indian Ocean has gained certain strategic support, support mainly from India, if want to rein in the Indian Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea oil transport routes, you need a strong fleet.We know that the French navy has only one nuclear-powered aircraft carrier in service, the Charles DE gaulle. It is 260 meters long and 65 meters wide and has a full load displacement of over 40,000 tons.Since its service in 2001, it has been in a state of limited mobility. Although it has participated in several combat operations since its service, it cannot carry a sufficient number of carrier-borne fighters due to its small size. In addition, the speed of "DE gaulle" is also insufficient, which can only reach 27 knots.According to the plan, the aircraft carrier designed by the PA2 project has a displacement of 66,000 tons, a capacity of 1,700 personnel, a length of 283 meters, and a conventional power system. It is capable of carrying more than 50 combat aircraft of various types, including rafale fighters, neuron unmanned aerial vehicles and e-2 hawkeyes.But because of funding problems, France "queen Elizabeth" aircraft carrier construction in Britain, had planned and Britain through the way of sharing design scheme for PA2 carrier project, but after that, the French are not like immediately found the idea, because the British people have called for the aircraft carrier of F - 35 b, adopts the deck design, and the French people don't want to buy so expensive American planes, want to continue using a catapult and rafale, which determines the structure of the different requirements of the carrier, also lead to bilateral cooperation plan failed to implement.Although the French and British have not achieve our cooperation plan to build the aircraft carrier, but for determination to build the next generation of carrier is very serious, it is estimated that for PA2 project before and after France has invested about 80 million euros, and wind the improvement of aircraft also has been completed, therefore in order to complete PA2 project, solve the problem of research and development spending, France began looking for a partner.Under which a partner is Brazil, the Brazilian has been purchasing France "foch" retire and converted into a Brazilian navy "Sao Paulo" active service, and Brazil has always wanted to have more advanced aircraft carriers, and so on Brazil's defence exhibition in 2013, the French to Brazil to provide the design of future aircraft carrier, and on the related model of it, the overall design is derived from PA2 project.Also sell mainly India and France, mainly because the Indian navy has procured France ? fish class submarines and rafale, and India on the weapon and equipment procurement has been renowned for willing to spend money, so the French also actively promote PA2 carrier design to India, but so far, the two sides did not have much idea either.Overall, PA2 project possible solutions is still a medium carrier, not like the United States navy nuclear-powered aircraft carrier in active service heavy carrier, the level of the carrier more accord with the French navy operational requirements, in addition the conventional power system, rather than use "DE gaulle" nuclear power, can reduce the cost, at the same time improve the reliability of the aircraft carrier.(blade/old octopus) respect the content, from respect the author, reprint, cooperation please contact us.This article represents the views of the author only and does not represent the position of baidu.The author authorizes hundred Numbers to publish, shall not be reproduced without permission.Military profile of the blade: reveal hot weapons with photos.

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