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Choose Jacksonville Jaguars Black JerseyWhen it comes to wenzhou, zhejiang province, what impresses people most is the pioneering drive of wenzhou people and the business genius of "Oriental jews".Tang chenghai, a native of wenzhou, speaks of his hometown with happiness and pride.I met tang chenghai at the finals of the third season of jac's most beautiful card, when he was discussing the game with his friends the next day.Tang chenghai has been a loyal user of jianghuai light truck for many years, he told us that he has been engaged in municipal muck transportation over the years, carrying large weight, running is the site of complex road conditions, so the overall performance of the car requirements are particularly high, for his original choice -- jianghuai junling light truck, tang chenghai is particularly satisfied.When he held the most beautiful cargos event for jianghuai light truck, he said he would continue to participate in the fourth season.When talking about why to choose jianghuai junling at the beginning, tang chenghai replied that when buying this car because he did not know very much about the car, completely holding the "everyone's choice is right" this kind of concept and made the decision.Because jianghuai junling in wenzhou local market holding volume is very high, by users generally recognized.Tang remembers clearly that his first jianghuai junling engineering vehicle was purchased in 2012, when it was still in the era of national third emission. What impressed him most was the excellent quality of the vehicle.Tang chenghai introduced, "we are usually running site, the road is quite bad walk, thanks to the outstanding junling chassis, whether muddy or pothole road, the car can easily pass.In addition, the tire grip is also particularly strong, we have more coastal rain, junling in bad weather conditions, the road can pass without skidding.From the state three to the state six times, tang chenghai this junling engineering vehicle has been in service for nearly eight years, when asked how the car is now, tang chenghai's answer with pride, as if for the original wise choice and happy."Since I bought the car, except for a slightly larger tire, there have been no problems, the quality is very reliable, it is very easy to worry about, but for the national emission restrictions, it could have been used for several years."The outstanding performance of the first junling engineering vehicle, let tang chenghai believe junling is the best choice.In recent years, he bought 5 junling engineering vehicles one after another.The contact of many years, let tang chenghai have deep understanding to the vehicle, also had more praise to jun ling."We usually pull engineering muck, usually more than ten tons of weight, for the vehicle's dynamic performance requirements are higher, we currently use the junling with cloud inside the D25 engine, pull heavy enough to climb the power, will not feel any slow.In addition, I also compared with vehicles of the same level in the market, and I found that junling engineering vehicle is equipped with more high-end, higher comfort, less noise, and this car is particularly fuel efficient, only 0.8 yuan for 100 kilometers, more fuel efficient than cars of the same level in the market."Until now, tang chenghai's several junling to now have not appeared too big fault, only 2 did maintenance, he told us, jianghuai service site is particularly many, regardless of maintenance or repair is very convenient, site staff work efficiency is also very fast."Jianghuai engineering vehicles in wenzhou area has been a solid user group, many friends have bought jianghuai, we are very confident in the quality of jianghuai products, in short, jianghuai vehicles pretty good, little problems, strong body, strong bearing capacity, the selection of jianghuai will certainly not be wrong.At the end of the interview, tang chenghai gave jianghuai junling such an evaluation.As loyal users of jianghuai light truck, Tang Cheng sea of jianghuai light truck has been focused on the trend, not long ago, six light listed in shenzhen, the whole series of jianghuai countries Tang Cheng sea also saw the news, and said, the future demand for oneself have a car, jianghuai jun bell or your first choice, and will recommend to friends more CARDS.The relevant information

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