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Sweden Russell Wilson Jersey Men Abeea 9d680Referred to as "Russian federation of Russian federation, Russia (Russian: ? ? second) or Russia, Russia is the largest republics of the Soviet union and its successor of the Soviet socialist federal republic, a permanent seat on the UN security council, is a country of northern Eurasia, across the Eurasian two continents.Russia is the ninth most populous country in the world, with 146 million people in 2014.Russia extends across northern Asia, spanning 11 time zones and covering a wide range of environments and topography.Russia has the world's largest reserves of mineral and energy resources and is the largest exporter of oil and natural gas. Russia is also one of the world's eight industrialized countries. It has the world's largest reserves of forests and lakes containing about a quarter of the world's fresh water.Russian is the most spoken language in the Slavic language family, belonging to the east Slavic language branch of the Slavic language family.It is mainly used in former Soviet union countries such as Russia, and was widely listed as the first foreign language teaching in schools in the Warsaw pact countries.During the Soviet era, its republics emphasized the importance of the Russian language.Although many of these former Soviet states now emphasize the importance of local languages, Russian is still the most widely spoken common language in these regions.Norwegian Russian is a blend of Russian and Norwegian.Russian is one of the official languages of the United Nations and Russia and one of the official languages of ethnic minorities recognized by the People's Republic of China (spoken by ethnic russians).The Russian phonetic system originated from the Slavic language family, but has changed a lot in early history, roughly taking shape around A.D. 1400.It has 10 vowels, which are written in different letters depending on whether the preceding consonant sounds like a jaw (hard jaw).Typical consonants occur in pairs: common and jaw.These are traditionally called hard consonants and soft consonants.(hard consonants are usually soft-spoken, especially before the back vowel, although in some dialects the palatability is limited to the hard /l/).Standard Russian is based on the st. Petersburg dialect, with strong accents and moderate tonal variations.Stressed vowels tend to be slightly elongated, while unstressed vowels tend to be reduced to closed vowels or fuzzy vowels / /.In Russian, the initial and final consonants in a syllable can contain up to 12 consonants, so the syllabic structure can be very complicated.The Russian writing system USES a revised Cyrillic alphabet.There are 33 letters.There is a difference between print and handwriting.There are vowels and consonants.Consonants are divided into clear consonants (vocal cords do not vibrate) and voiced consonants (vocal cords vibrate).In addition, Russian consonants can be divided into soft consonants and hard consonants, the pronunciation of the two movements are basically the same, the difference mainly lies in the soft consonants, the middle of the tongue to the roof of the mouth.The characteristic of Russian grammar structure is that the grammatical relation between words and words and the grammatical function of words in sentences are mainly expressed by morpheme change.Russian is one of the languages in the indo-european family of languages that retain more ancient morphologies.Most nouns have 12 forms, single and plural have 6 cases;Adjectives have more than 20 or even more than 30 forms, the singular masculine, neuter, feminine and plural have 6 cases, there are short tail, comparative;There are one or two hundred verb forms, including body, tense, state, form, form, and vice.Content words can be divided into stem and suffix.Stem represents the lexical meaning of a word;A suffix represents grammatical meaning. Usually a suffix contains several grammatical meanings.Provide you with the best Russian translation of Russian translation online tool, even if you don't have any Russian, don't hinder you to read the related articles and books, Russian, of course, you can also translate Chinese content into Russian, need to write email or communicate with Russian use personnel, do not have to turn to others again.Put the translated Russian into the input box, select the direction of translation (chinese-russian | russo-chinese) click the "free translation" button, go net will try to provide the most accurate Russian translation results, and has been optimizing the progress, is a good helper of your life and work!

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