Nhl Red Black Pullover Warrior Hoodie Men's Detroit Wings Rink

Nhl Red Black Pullover Warrior Hoodie Men's Detroit Wings Rink NHL Men's Detroit Red Wings Black Rink Warrior Pullover Hoodie

Nhl Men's Detroit Red Wings Black Rink Warrior Pullover HoodieTYLER SEGUIN, an NHL hockey star, will make his first trip to China from June 4 to 7 in Beijing.He will share and communicate with the young hockey players in China and the fans who love hockey. He will use his growing experience to inspire them to stick to themselves and forge the future.Tencent sports will then conduct an exclusive interview with seguen.With the success of China's bid to host the 2022 winter Olympic Games, the domestic public is increasingly concerned about ice sports, so it is imperative to promote "300 million people on ice and snow".As an ornamental and competitive ice hockey sport, it is of great significance to promote the development of ice hockey and even ice and snow sports in China by riding the east wind of NHL star players and entering the public view.Born into a hockey family, Taylor started playing for Toronto's ripton at age 6 and was drafted eighth overall in the semi-professional OHL at age 16.Seguen was the no. 2 pick in the 2010 NHL draft and signed by the bruins.His three years with the bruins have been a rollercoaster ride for Tyler: winning the Stanley cup in his rookie season;The second season, with 67 points as the team's best scorer;The third season, the first half of the victory, but the second half of the straight down, 22 games only eight points.Eventually, after the season, he was traded to the Dallas stars.In the face of all kinds of doubts, Taylor chose to prove himself with his ability: 80 games, 37 goals, 47 offense, as one of the league's best scoring players;His excellent chemistry with his teammates helped the team return to the playoffs.In an interview with ESPN BODY, he said, "during the offseason, I think about what other good players around the world are doing right now," and hope to be better than them.These thoughts will stay with him until the new season begins.During his trip to China, Taylor will host his first fan meeting in China, where he will interact closely with hockey fans from all walks of life and share coming-of-age stories.Known as "Beckham on ice", he will also cross the boundary to participate in fashion blockbuster shooting;During his China trip, which coincides with the NHL finals, Taylor will join the fans in enjoying the feast.It is worth mentioning that Taylor will team up with China's first ice hockey player, ying rudi, to lead the two youth ice hockey teams to a wonderful match at the Chen lu rink.Ying started skating when she was 3 years old. At the age of 9, she became the absolute core of the amateur children's hockey club, winning the bell capital cup in Canada and the world hockey championships of her age.At 18, he outdid his peers in skill and willpower to win a professional KHL contract, becoming the first Chinese national in the league."His presence is a blessing for the sport of ice hockey in China," said yu tiande, director of the hockey department of the general administration of sport.In the 2015 BioSteel Camp, ying rudi was invited to participate as the first Chinese national and received high praise from NHL coaches.A similar experience, playing at a young age and entering the professional leagues, led him to form a friendship with Taylor.On his trip to China, he will play against Taylor and lead the young hockey players into a great rivalry.In addition, China will meet with fans and friends across the country through penguin live.Hockey is a tough game, and Taylor not only did it, but he did it well.Now, Taylor came to China, is hoping to convey the professional and fighting spirit to hockey lovers, with his personal experience to tell the "100 quenchless steel" spiritual charm.Scan, watch the news on your phone!WeChat scan can also be Shared to friends and circle of friends

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