Retro 384664-160 Carmine 6 Jordan Air

Retro 384664-160 Carmine 6 Jordan Air Air Jordan 6 Retro Carmine 384664-160Air Jordan 6 Retro Carmine 384664-160

Air Jordan 6 Retro Carmine 384664-160The trip included three seas and one lake, the Dead Sea, the red sea, the Mediterranean, and lake galilee, known to arabs as lake tibaleh and to jews as lake kennerat.I have been to the red sea and the Mediterranean, but this time I went to the port of aqaba at the southern tip of Jordan on the red sea and tel aviv-jaffa on the Mediterranean.Anyway, this "three seas and one lake" side of these places have never been to, quite have expectations, especially the "Dead Sea".I have been to the Dead Sea in yuncheng, Shanxi Province, but the season is not right, the water is empty and the resort is depressed.At that time, I was told that the Dead Sea in Jordan and Israel was interesting.How good play?That is people floating on the water reading the bible, it is said that this is a classic play.To tell you the truth, I always suspect that the float is in the end the fear, is really so relaxed to enjoy.I have little interest in getting into the water to experience the Dead Sea's buoyancy. I just like to stand by and watch people play and record it with my camera.It's not a long drive from Petra to the Dead Sea, but I'm a little tired from climbing and jumping up and down in Petra yesterday.When we arrived at the seaside resort in the afternoon, sleepy head climbed up and took a nap in the room.When I went to the Dead Sea, I saw old Mr. And Mrs. Jiang walking quickly to their room wearing bath towels.I looked up at the Dead Sea. The water was empty. The only foreigner left on the beach, his face smeared with black mud, brushed past me and hurried to the hotel.ANI head said, ah, we slept for a while, this person all bubble over, no one.I said, there's nothing you can do.Helpless, ask small Chen to borrow a piece, his wife took for him a bubble in the water to read the newspaper photo, when the Dead Sea evidence.The staff raised the red flag as the wind rose.As soon as the red flag is raised, the Dead Sea is bound to stop.We weren't going into the sea anyway, just a little sorry that we couldn't see the bible lying on the water.As the wind grew stronger and the water broke into spray, the pontoons, which the floaters had to climb, were tossed up and down and tossed from side to side by the surging water.I stared at the waves, trying to see what was special about their spray, which was several times heavier than the water itself.On the beach, resort workers lay alone on the beach as they unloaded canvas from their tents, leaving only a bare steel skeleton.See us come, the staff of the enthusiasm with us say hello.See me with a camera in my hand, they greeted ANI head past the group photo, shot several, until the phone rang, they left in a hurry.ANI head climbed on the beach on the high life chair, sitting there looking at the sea, against the wind to see the waves, but also comfortable, also turn to ask me from time to time, how?I picked up, that is to me to take a few pictures of her, so I quickly took a few pictures of her.Two girls came up the beach, looking out at the sea, the wind whistling in the air, fluttering their long hair, and bending over the water, and looking up at the sky, and whispering to each other, as if they were seeking from heaven and earth the mystery of the Dead Sea or something.On the other side of the beach came an old man with dark skin and asked me where I was from.When I said "Shanghai" back, a smile spread across his face and he said he had been there.He asked me, can you help me take a picture?I said, "sure."He handed me his nikon, and I took a few pictures.Then he went straight to the sea.Anitou stood by the sea, holding up her phone to take her picture.The wind grew stronger and the waves on the sea rose.The Dead Sea, on the borders of Jordan, Palestine and Israel, is a continuation of the great rift valley. It is eighty kilometres long and eighteen kilometres wide.The water comes from the Jordan river, but it has no outlet to the sea.More than four hundred meters below sea level, coming down from Petra, the eardrums swell like a plane landing.The ground temperature here is much higher and the air is highly oxygenated.The name "Dead Sea" comes from the high salinity of the water, which makes it devoid of life.Before I came, I took it for granted that the water in the Dead Sea was of great mass and much calmer.It never occurred to me that when the wind blew, the waves of the Dead Sea were as strong as those of the Mediterranean or any other sea.I held up my camera and followed the waves.Above the Jordan Dead Sea resort above staff to unload the tents staff invite above item head photo above staff invite item head photo call above staff hurry away above Dead Sea beach face painted black above sea mud brush from me above floating on the sea Chen item above head photo item head sitting on the edge of the Dead Sea rescue chair above item head sitting in life-saving chair wind above the above two foreigners above the sea surging above above the sea surging above sea water rises above the sea the small red flag aboveThe red flag was raised by the sea. The red flag was raised by the sea. The red flag was raised by the sea.On the seaside road, I saw Lao Yang and Lao wu, who were as old as us. They were old classmates traveling together and came to the seaside for a walk at dusk.We walked together and talked.In the setting sun, a ray of light, the side of the wind to sway the dog's tail grass, fluffy, is reflected red.I quickly called ANI head, standing in the grass to take a few photos, and called Lao Yang, Lao wu also to take photos.The sun fell into the Dead Sea.I don't know how to do that day, suddenly red sky.First the rays rose to the east, then to the south, then to the west, where the sun went down into the sea, and then to the north.The Dead Sea, not black, but red, sparkling, beautiful.We need to get a foreground shot.ANI head and I ran into the beach, with the pontoon as the foreground to shoot up, that scenery, is really good.Suddenly I heard Lao Yang and Lao wu greeting us on the way above. The resort staff asked them to call us to go up, because red flags were hanging on the beach.No way, we hurried back to the top of the road, the staff gave us a thumbs-up, pointed to the sky in English and said "beautiful!"And took a picture with me.It's getting late. It's time for dinner.Before I left, I looked back at the Dead Sea. The glow from the sky reflected on the sea. It was dark and red.Above die corner seaside resorts above the Dead Sea is above the dog's tail grass swaying in the wind above item head in a chariot dead above sea sunset above Dead Sea of cloud above the sea of cloud above Dead Sea of cloud above the sea sunset above the Dead Sea sunset item above the head in the chariot in the above item head in a chariot dead above sea of cloud the Dead Sea in Israel side above the next morning a little bit of rain above the Dead Sea in Israel is above the plane flew over, rolling, it isn't jet.The Dead Sea the Dead Sea on the Israeli side the Dead Sea on the Israeli side the Dead Sea on the Israeli side the Dead Sea on the Israeli side the Dead Sea on the Israeli side the Dead Sea on the Israeli side the Dead Sea on the Israeli sideLeaving the resort, walk along the Dead Sea, and shortly after crossing the border into Israel, the Dead Sea turns a dark green, darker than emerald.Dead Sea sky, there are planes rumbling past, it is not a passenger plane.The same Dead Sea, yesterday and today, Jordan and Israel, it seems, this color how to differ a lot, sitting in the car, I did not understand, still do not understand.Concept buzzwords introduction: every day to expose the Internet buzzwords, I wish you happy every day

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