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Seattle Seahawks Youth Russell Wilson JerseyIf fu fu and zhou tian want to choose a representative city for China's reform and opening up, shenzhen, they can be elected by unanimous vote.Different from the long history of Beijing, Shanghai and guangzhou, shenzhen is a city born of reform and opening up. It only took 40 years for what was once a small fishing village to rise into a modern city. The speed and quality of its development amazed everyone.From the perspective of GDP, from 1979 to 2018, shenzhen's total GDP increased from 196 million yuan to 2,422.198 billion yuan, with an average annual growth rate of 27.88%, significantly higher than the national average in the same period.In 2017, shenzhen became the third Chinese city after Beijing and Shanghai to break the 2 trillion yuan mark in GDP.Please input the picture to say 40 years, shenzhen has created an economic miracle in August this year, the state council a paper "on supporting the construction of socialism with Chinese characteristics in shenzhen first demonstration zone opinions" officially issued, the central hammer final sound, for shenzhen, there is no "years of peace", only forge ahead.According to the guidelines, shenzhen is expected to become a "global benchmark city" with "competitiveness, innovation and outstanding influence" by 2050.The enormity of the task is self-evident.Where are the new drivers of shenzhen's transformation and upgrading?01 the transformation of the city, cannot leave the starting point of the iteration update shenzhen development of the enterprise began in the early eighty s, a large number of "three to fill a" and "three-capital" enterprises aware of national policies and demographic dividend, building up advanced processing industrial chain in shenzhen, also in local training a large number of skilled technical workers and management personnel, greatly enhance the industrial production capacity of shenzhen.During this period, shenzhen and the whole pearl river delta gradually emerged as the "world factory" by relying on its huge comparative advantages.One of the most core industrial breakthrough is the electronic industry.Huawei, founded in 1987, is a representative enterprise in this batch of industrial waves in shenzhen and also a concentrated reflection of the first stage of China's IT industry.China began to absorb foreign advanced experience, the scale of the secondary industry has expanded rapidly.In the 1990s, shenzhen's institutional experience of rapid development began to be promoted all over the country, which in turn made shenzhen's "special zone" status and advantages no longer as prominent as before.Shenzhen began to focus on the development of high-tech industries.During this period, a number of local high-tech enterprises such as huawei and zte were strongly supported and developed into the fast track.At the same time, the rise of the Internet, shenzhen as an important node in the reform and opening up, also participate in the new wave of technology.In November 1998, ma huateng, along with zhang zhidong, registered tencent and embarked on a journey of entrepreneurship.Back in the day, the birth of the penguin was inseparable from xiao ma, who studied computer science at shenzhen university and found a job at a local software company called run xun after graduation.Internet enterprises represented by tencent and IT enterprises represented by huawei and zte are pushing shenzhen forward at a high speed in the new century.Economic take-off in shenzhen as a victory for the socialist market economy with Chinese characteristics, is also the victory of the private economy, according to uefa website reported, shenzhen number of private enterprises to maintain double-digit growth for successive years, as of May 2019, the city's private economy business subject up to 314.3497, the proportion is as high as 97.66% of the city's business subject.Among them, there were 1,953,459 private enterprises, accounting for 96.29% of the total.Huawei, byd, tencent and other enterprises were born in shenzhen, has its own internal reason.But also should realize, shenzhen's further breakthrough development, the urgent need to inject new momentum.In addition to tencent, from the point of Internet companies, shenzhen can hardly is the national well-known Internet companies, a thunderbolt a almost only in the PC era, especially in the era of mobile Internet, Beijing has a Meituan, drops, bytes to beat, Shanghai has a spell, interesting headline on a lot of new forces, even has overtaken by shenzhen, guangzhou, also have like netease, teeth, and other enterprises, by the way, WeChat core team in guangzhou.Among the world's TOP15 listed Internet companies by market capitalization, there are eight in the United States and seven in China. Among Chinese companies, Beijing has three, and Shanghai, guangzhou, shenzhen and hangzhou each have one.Given that almost all of the Chinese companies on the list have regional headquarters in Beijing, the distribution is even more uneven.In the business world, shenzhen needs to create or bring in more Internet companies if it wants to take the lead in the fastest growing Internet circuit with the widest reach of people.According to the guidelines, shenzhen is expected to become a modern, international and innovative city by 2025, a capital of innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity with global influence by 2035, and a model city for China's efforts to build a modern socialist country. Finally, it will become a "global model city" by 2050.The development of cities is inseparable from the iterative transformation of enterprises.Shenzhen needs a new generation of high-tech service enterprises to connect the Internet with the service industry, link online and offline, and seize the advantage of leading the way.Historical experience has revealed that the process of a country from underdevelopment to development inevitably requires the shift of industrial structure to higher order, that is, the ratio of tertiary industry in economic output keeps expanding.Because from the first, the second to the tertiary industry's advancement process, accompanied by the increase in the income level of practitioners and the expansion of the scale of employment.The industrial structure of developed countries often presents "two 70%", that is, the tertiary industry accounts for 70% of the overall GDP, in which the production-oriented service industry accounts for 70% of the service industry, while the proportion of the tertiary industry in countries like the United States, Britain and France is close to 80%.What about shenzhen?As of 2017, the proportion of the tertiary industry in shenzhen was still less than 60 percent, ranking last among all the cities in north China, guangzhou and shenzhen, while the proportion of the tertiary industry in Beijing had exceeded 80 percent, according to data compiled by the research institute of commercial industry.Sometimes, the blank means a greater opportunity. The transformation and upgrading of the service industry driven by the Internet high-tech is the road that shenzhen can choose.Because the city is too young, shenzhen is still far away from Beijing, Shanghai and guangzhou in terms of education, medical treatment, culture and other aspects that need time to accumulate, and shenzhen needs to seek pioneering breakthroughs in its business field.This is not to say that shenzhen must find the next tencent in the local soil, but it can give full play to the advantages of the open door of the greater bay area, cultivate the "headquarters economy" cluster of the bay area, and attract more high-quality enterprises to set up headquarters in the greater bay area, especially advanced Internet enterprises.Attracting more high-tech service companies is the new driving force of shenzhen's transformation.02 "world headquarters" -- Seattle's enlightenment since we want to build a global benchmark city, we must look for benchmark cases in the global context.Seattle is a model.Most americans associate Seattle with romantic movies, but this coastal city in the northwest has quietly become the "world headquarters" of the business world.Amazon, Microsoft, Boeing, AT&T and others are all based in Seattle, which is also home to a number of the world's top tier companies, such as starbucks, t-mobile, COSTCO, Expedia, Zillow and others.Seattle not only has a strong local economy, but also attracts a large number of advanced enterprises to set up regional headquarters or research centers.For example, Google, apple, Facebook, Airbnb, and the enterprise services giant Salesforce also announced Seattle as its second headquarters after buying Tableau.China's alibaba and tencent have also set up technology LABS in Seattle, where alibaba has been talking about building a U.S. headquarters.There is no doubt that these large companies provide a strong support and guarantee for the economic development of the whole area of Seattle.According to led the British in 2017, every 10000 users have 4.14 move to Seattle, San Francisco, Seattle has become the best foothold "running away from the valley". According to the U.S. census bureau data released last year, the Seattle exceeds Austin, became America's fastest growing city in the recent ten years, from the point of view of economy, GDP at $357.5 billion, 2018 in Seattle and shenzhen have its at the same level, but close to $100000 in Seattle's per capita GDP is more than three times in shenzhen.Visible, shenzhen wants to compare shoulder "world headquarters" still have a long way to go.Seattle has a very favorable climate and geographical conditions, the climate is mild all year round, suitable for living, once was named "the best place to live in the United States" by currency magazine, was named "the best city to live and work" by fortune magazine, bezos, gates and other rich people also live in this city.In fact, we know that Washington is the political center of the United States, and Seattle, located in Washington state, is not in the famous urban belt like California or philadelphia-new york, but more like a small city in a corner.But the wisdom of its development lies in the development of cutting-edge high-tech industries, and then play a regional agglomeration effect, so as to attract more talents.The state of Washington, where Seattle is located, is not one of the major metropolitan areas.At the same time, Seattle has been putting a great deal of emphasis on affordable housing to keep prices down and allow low-income residents to stay in their homes and avoid the overheated prices of San Francisco.Meanwhile, the local government has gone to great lengths to attract tech companies to set up headquarters. Geek Wire reports that apple plans to significantly expand the size of its Seattle team this year.The Matthew effect of the region is thus formed.The experience of Seattle may give some inspiration to shenzhen.Innovation requires taking risks. Innovation is ultimately the activity of a small number of people.If you want to make a new idea one by one, not "conform" ideas into reality, you need to put the supporting forces of innovation together as much as possible.In this way, a person is not easy to rub up the flame, to burn more prosperous.Historically, however, any work involving creativity, whether in art, philosophy or technology, has been shaped by the gathering of talents.This was true of the Athenian academy in ancient Greece, Florence in the Renaissance, and now Seattle and silicon valley.Economists Xue Zhaofeng ever share in a city of Seattle, what do they do a line of people at a local visit to a brainwave technology company, and the company was set up in Seattle, is the most outstanding for all electrical technology co., almost all in Seattle, talent recruitment, academic or local tax policies, Seattle, compared with other regional advantages are all too obvious.Bringing together people with ideas, willingness and ability to innovate to create a "high concentration" environment is the most important condition for innovation, and it is also necessary for a city to achieve leapfrog development and grow from a regional center to a global benchmark.The "xiaofang" of shenzhen is no more shining than the "xiaofang" in the village. The income difference between them is many times because of the overflow of shenzhen's innovation energy, which drives the overall development of the region.A city is a complex system, the development of shenzhen, can not be completely according to the map, according to the set goals to move forward step by step, can only rely on the construction of the environment, with shenzhen as the "container", let the beneficial innovation of chemical reactions continue to occur.For the current shenzhen, it is a feasible way to further expand the proportion of the tertiary industry, vigorously introduce such global Internet companies with high market value as alibaba, Meituan, jd and pinduoduo, strengthen the integrated development of the Internet and tertiary industry, and actively explore the infrastructure construction of the new generation of Internet.(the first titanium media in this paper)

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