Alabama’s - Private Tim Steelers Workout Take At Close With Look Steel The Williams Behind Curtain

Alabama’s - Private Tim Steelers Workout Take At Close With Look Steel The Williams Behind Curtain The Pittsburgh Steelers are looking for a pass rusher in the upcoming 2017 NFL Draft, and they got an up-close look at Tim Williams from Alabama recently.Steelers take close look at Alabama’s Tim Williams with private workout - Behind the Steel Curtain

Steelers Take Close Look At Alabama’s Tim Williams With Private Workout - Behind The Steel CurtainSurging news 2019 abstract: the basic characteristics of Chinese traditional teacher culture is mainly told the teacher culture value orientation as well as by the perturbation resistance, solid, prudent, modest, and new emergent shows virtue essence and taught into oneself and education, knowledge and intelligence, specialize in and through teachers ability of teacher to culture the core characterization, etc.Modern teacher culture value orientation of attaching importance, khalid ents basic task of implementing and human-oriented professional attribute all orientation of teachers' professional ability development, etc., are studied under way, ethics and teacher culture in Chinese traditional teacher culture in the main components, such as excavation and learn a lot of real value, and promote the development of various undertakings in contemporary China and progress.Key words: respect for teachers;Respecting teachers and valuing education;Li DE shuren;Teacher's professional competence teacher's professional competence teacher's professional competence teacher's professional competence teacher's professional competenceThe study of Chinese traditional teacher culture should be based on the basic characteristics of Chinese traditional culture, which is the parent culture system.Chinese traditional teacher culture has exerted a profound influence on Chinese traditional culture and education as well as the whole development process of traditional society in thousands of years of continuous historical process.At present, we can still find out a lot of practical values from the abundant nutrition accumulated in the traditional Chinese teacher culture, which is mainly composed of teacher's way, teacher's morality and teacher's ability culture, and make it make new contributions to the development of various undertakings in contemporary China.01 from respect for teachers and ethics to respect for teachers and education: the inheritance and innovation of teachers' cultural value orientation respect for teachers and ethics is the fundamental value orientation of traditional Chinese teacher culture, and the current emphasis on respecting teachers and ethics is essentially the inheritance and innovation of teachers' cultural value orientation respect for teachers and ethics in the context of the new era."Book of rites learning" in the first complete and detailed discussion of the respect for teachers and the importance of the way: "every way of learning, strict teacher dilemma.The teacher is strict then the road is respected, the road is respected then the people know respects studies."According to zheng xuan's explanation, the meaning of "yan" here is "respect also" (" book of rites justice "), then, the teacher yan daozun in essence is also the meaning of respect for teachers.Logic clue here, told question is around a teacher, and the word was with respect to learn intrinsic connection between the three to be set, the so-called, the way of education is the teacher, the teacher can be heavy, and difficult to make the people respect of education, and in this way can also achieve "jun the founding of the people" and "governance" protocols "goal.Therefore, it is not difficult to find that the core value of respecting teachers and teaching is to devote to the realization of the ideal of the royal way, and the ultimate state of the ideal of the royal way is the grand peaceful governance of the great world described in the book of rites.A.c. graham, in his book the daoist: debates on ancient Chinese philosophy, argues that all the pre-qin scholars were thinking about was a response to the collapse of the moral and political order of authority that was once called heaven.Moreover, for them, "the key question is not what is the truth in western philosophy, but where is the tao, which regulates the state and guides the life of the individual".It is obvious that ge's cognitive standpoint of examining and interpreting the philosophical essence of all the pre-qin philosophers from the perspective of the trinity of heaven and politics and humanity under heaven is also following the logical way of defining the core characteristics of Taoism that all the pre-qin scholars paid attention to as the governance of the state and the people.Based on this, when we examine and analyze the basic characteristics of teachers' cultural value orientation manifested by respect for teachers, it is impossible to ignore or even ignore the ideal color of the world governance by respect for teachers and respect for teachers.In fact, the cultural value orientation of teachers committed to the realization of the ideal of kingship has always prompted the historical process of Chinese traditional teacher culture to present a distinct traditional color of inheriting the doctrine of the emperor and the rule of peace.That is, as Yang xiong said: "learning is a king's thing, it has been a long time.Yao, shun, yu, tang, wen, wu jiji and zhong ni have been emperors for a long time."(" fa yan xue xing ") also as han yu pointed out: "the husband called the former king's teacher, what also?Charity is benevolence; doing what is right is righteousness; by virtue is doing what is right; virtue is having nothing to do....It is easy to understand, and it is easy to teach....Yao to shun, shun to yu, yu to tang, tang to wen, wu, duke of zhou, wen, wu, duke of zhou to Confucius, Confucius to meng ke.(" the original way ") both Yang xiong and han yu advocated that the ideal of kingship should be regarded as the core of the continuity of Confucianism.The establishment of the so-called teacher's way should also be based on the bearing and inheritance of the king's ideal.To sum up, in the thousands of years of historical changes of Chinese traditional society, the teacher cultural tradition with respect to teachers and respect for teachers has been formed, which not only has a profound impact on the development of Chinese traditional education and teachers, but also has a profound impact on the overall transformation of Chinese traditional society and culture.This kind of influence is reflected in essence through the harmonious and harmonious relationship between the ideal of respect for teachers and the ideal of kingship.Therefore, the understanding and grasp of the fundamental value orientation of the traditional Chinese teacher culture, respect for teachers and respect for teachers, cannot be separated from the essential connection between the two.If respecting teachers and valuing education is the fundamental value orientation of Chinese traditional teacher culture, then respecting teachers and valuing education is the contemporary new state of this fundamental value orientation of traditional teacher culture.The relationship between the two is not only consistent, but also with The Times.No matter how the ancient and modern changes, the commitment to the beautiful pursuit of the security of the country and the people has always been the basic purport of the cultural value orientation of teachers in the past dynasties.In the context of the new era, teachers' cultural value orientation is endowed with new historical intention and implication of The Times, and is full of vigor and vitality.There is no doubt that the value orientation of respecting teachers and valuing education in the new era needs to have the historical position of the new era, to stand in the historical orientation of the new era, to seek truth from facts and build the value orientation system of respecting teachers and valuing education in the new era from a lofty position.The historical position of the new era fully shows that we can only put the value orientation system of respecting teachers and valuing education into the historical flood of the development of the new era and the general trend of The Times, rise in time, take advantage of the situation, then we will be able to make in the new era respecting teachers and valuing education work worthy of the achievements of The Times and the nation.Work specifically, new era attaching importance value orientation system of the building, not only will it cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics has made great achievements, and fully reveal the new era of the socialist road with Chinese characteristics, the theory, system and culture of strong self-confidence, more to the echo of the Chinese nation is based on the new historical position and put forward new demands of development, and have the courage to take the new increasingly difficult and heavy historical mission and The Times.Grams of solid matter, attaching importance to the basic characteristics of the cultural value orientation of contemporary teachers, the most fundamental thing is to our country the development of a new era of the Ming and the following historical position, we need to from national greatness and national rejuvenation and human development under the background of new era, such as tigers of the strategic target, the effective inheritance told teacher culture value orientation, is committed to seeking the public welfare and the fine tradition of flat for all over the world, "actively promote the social fashion and respect from efforts to improve teachers' political status, social status and professional status, let the teachers should have the social reputation,In this way, he can make new and greater contributions to the cause of the party and the people in his post of teaching and educating people.The essential meaning of traditional teachers' morality and the implementation of the fundamental task of cultivating people through virtue have been carried out in the thousands of years of historical development of Chinese traditional teachers' morality culture.In a word, the analysis of the essence of Chinese traditional teacher's morality can be interpreted and demonstrated from the following aspects: the comprehensiveness, substantiality, accessibility, modesty and novelty of teacher's morality.There are three ways for teachers and disciples: analects of Confucius: 'friends come from afar.A friend is a friend.Then he said, 'return to me, and I will show you to my father.The father-son thing.To teach the emperor and the minister.The way of Kings and ministers."This is the relationship between the prince, the father and the teacher, and the three as the three, and at the same time, the teacher and disciple's way is divided into three categories: the way of friends, the way of father and son and the way of Kings and ministers, so as to integrate the relationship between teachers and students and friends, father and son, the relationship between Kings and ministers into an integrated relationship.If the teacher's morality is set up according to this judgment, it is a kind of all-taking morality, which not only has the orientation of teachers and students' morality, but also has the orientation of friends' morality, father's and son's morality, and emperor's and minister's morality.From this point of view, it is self-evident that teachers' morality is of vital importance to the governance of the country and the education of the people in the traditional society."The teacher also, but the matter and the moral also"."(" book of rites king wen shizi"), "teachers, people's model also.It can be seen that the identity of a teacher is ultimately determined by the achievement of ethics and morality.Confucius clearly advocated: "its body is upright, do not command;His body is not straight, though he refuses to obey."(" the analects of Confucius zi lu ") in Confucius' view, teachers should be able to be moral role models for students, so as to have a lasting and in-depth impact on students, so that they can achieve real and effective development.Mencius also said, 'he who is unjust has never been upright.'Mencius stressed that teachers should lead by example and teach others by example.If a person who is a teacher cannot practice morality, he cannot convince others.Teachers themselves should be the practitioners of good words and deeds, not just to guide and restrain others.All these traditional discussions on teachers' morality have, in essence, clarified that teachers' morality is a kind of moral practice, and only when a teacher practices moral cultivation by example and sets an example can he truly influence students, make them sincerely accept and follow teachers' teaching.In terms of reality, the actualization of teacher's morality is the fundamental guarantee that the traditional teacher's morality has been kept alive for thousands of years, and the exploration and application of the practical value of the traditional teacher's morality theory should take this as its root.Another basic aspect of the essence of traditional teacher's morality is the virtue of understanding.Confucius put it this way: "those who are benevolent have no worries, those who know have no doubts, and those who are brave have no fears."The doctrine of the mean says, "knowledge, benevolence and courage are the three things that make the world virtuous.Or born to know, or learn to know, or tired to know, and know, one also.Whether it is done by ease, or by perseverance, or by reluctance, or by success.The master said, 'to learn is akin to knowledge; to practice is akin to benevolence; to know shame is akin to courage.Know s three, then know so cultivate one's morality;Know therefore cultivate one's morality, then know therefore govern people;If we know how to govern people, we know how to govern the world.'" wisdom, benevolence and courage put forward the idea of three virtues, making the traditional teacher's morality more obvious in terms of both the meaning setting and practice orientation, which can be relied on, through and through unrestrained, teachers need to live by these three virtues, and apply them to others, until realizing the ultimate ideal of inner saint and outer king.The virtue of humility is another basic aspect of the essence of the traditional teacher's virtue.Han yu mentioned the "sage impermanence teacher" in "the teacher said", which means to highlight the modesty of Confucius and others.Confucius himself said, "in the company of three, there must be a teacher: choose the good and follow it, and change the bad....If holiness and benevolence, then I dare not.If you never tire of teaching and never tire of teaching, then you are done."(" analects narrate ") modest virtue if according to the interpretation of "zhouyi" is the virtue of all things is not bad, its meaning is to show that the person who is modest can not be arrogant and good at choosing people, and once the teacher has such a virtue is no disadvantage.At the same time, if the teacher can be modest, naturally it is easy to achieve "harmony without uniformity" and "inclusiveness", and thus to obtain a steady stream of moral growth, thus to develop a modest and magnanimous teacher chengde atmosphere.There is a saying in shang tang's "pan Ming" : "if one goes for help, he will be new day by day, and new day by day."It has always been a shining feature of Chinese traditional culture to discard the past and build on past achievements.Confucius also clearly advocated: "review the old to learn new, can be a teacher."Confucius's concise definition of teacher's attribute based on reviewing the old and learning the new characteristics also provides another important perspective for us to explore the overall meaning of the theoretical essence of traditional teachers' ethics in the new dimension.The process of learning by virtue is bound to be a continuous and progressive process.The key here is that teachers need to be in a continuous and complete process of teacher ethics development to constantly do not waste and new.Look to the problem of contemporary ethics culture and explore, need for khalid ents basic task to carry out the basic starting point and final home to return to, and in positive succession on the basis of traditional ethics culture essence, efforts to echo on ethics culture development under the background of new era, a series of new requirements, so that our country has a long history and ethics culture continuously made new progress of keeping pace with The Times and contribute to the new value.There is no doubt that teachers with noble ethics is the basic premise and necessary guarantee for the implementation of the fundamental task of moral education. Contemporary teachers need to cultivate and demonstrate noble ethics in the aspects of political character, spiritual integrity, code of conduct and professional quality.The essence of the traditional teacher's morality is also a kind of systematic existence of multiple thoughts oriented towards harmony and unity, and its theoretical essence lies in the explanation and promotion of the pursuit of values of establishing teachers and educating people and the way to achieve them.In essence, it is also in accordance with the teacher's moral requirements advocated under the background of the new era.Teachers have civic virtues, and can teach students to demonstrate their virtues in professional learning, which makes the profession of teachers highly professional, and the difference between the profession of teachers and other professions is the important characteristic of teacher civic virtues.It is not difficult to judge from this that the fundamental distinction between the profession of teachers as a profession and other professions lies not in the issue of "teaching" but in the issue of "educating"., to say the teachers' professional relative to other professional is the characteristic of the ideal faith, the ideal faith is traditional culture in the sense of "to the tao", is in essence the flat rule, the existence of professional value is to realize the "to" the science of uniting and inheritance, and be able to convey goodwill of profound learning to students, study of profound knowledge, great truths, as the same ideal and unremitting pursuit of their professional development.The school should be the best place, the students should be the best people, and the teachers should be the best people and role models.It is obvious that the essence of teacher ethics in Chinese teachers' cultural tradition is still a precious growth resource for teachers to fulfill their fundamental task of cultivating people by virtue.To some extent, on the one hand, the traditional teachers' ethics culture can be regarded as the source of the generation of noble teachers' ethics.Chinese traditional teacher culture, on the other hand, a consistent with vertical division and education of ethics culture under the background of new era, also for the development of the power, and increasingly highlight the unprecedented vigor and vitality, the traditional ethics culture and contemporary ethics culture is increasingly through organic integration for the harmonious relationship, which will strongly promote the contemporary khalid ents in the effective implementation of basic task.The development of teachers' professional ability under the orientation of human-oriented and all-professional attributes, the traditional teacher and ability culture, which is represented as the core, is one of the basic components of China's traditional teacher culture, and what it points to and contains is that teachers are based on their own specific occupation

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