Jon Surfing 60 Retro Years Unisex Tee Of Ron

Jon Surfing 60 Retro Years Unisex Tee Of Ron Ron Jon 60 Years Of Surfing Retro Unisex Tee

Ron Jon 60 Years Of Surfing Retro Unisex TeeThe old bear and the night's watch were trapped on first man's fist peak, waiting for benjen stark.He had no idea what the wildlings were doing, and was even monitored by the aliens, as both old bear and corin knew.So when the break of the paw and Jon snow were captured by the savages, the break of the paw told Jon not to fight, but to obey.For broken hands knew that Jon was the man of the night's watch and would not break his promise.The enemy could not have believed it if he had broken his hand and surrendered, and he had done so much harm to the savages that they were eager to kill him.Jon, on the other hand, was young and unknown to savages.So he placed his hope in the young man, and offered his life as proof that Jon had joined.Listen to break the palm, keep the life, into the interior, on the one hand to understand the deployment of the wildlings, on the other hand to falsely report the guards of the Great Wall, so that the wildlings do not dare to act rashly.When they escaped back to the Great Wall, they learned of the enemy's false and true character, of their disposition (though it was of no use, for no one would back them up then, and in the end they had to be defended by the men of the night's watch), and at least they were prepared.Because he was the real man of the night's watch.The book has written that it was corin who let him kill himself, pretending to surrender, looking for an opportunity to return to the night's watch.It had something to do with that corin, who seemed to have shown Jon the way at the last minute because it was so obvious to sleep with savages...Are you deliberately trying to show off your intelligence?It was colin's cue.Their failure to complete the reconnaissance mission was very detrimental to the night's watch.Jon was the son of stark and descended from his ancestors as well as savages, and corin saw that igritte liked Jon, so he had a good chance of getting inside the enemy.Corin himself and the wildlings hate too much, will die, so sacrifice yourself to let snow win the trust of the wildlings.Jon snow continues his mission as a spy.Save your strength, enter the wildlings, go undercover, get a chance, start fighting back

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