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Men's Minnesota Vikings 28 Adrian Peterson Game Purple Team Color Football Jersey For SaleTwo lawyers representing liu qiangdong said he would not be prosecuted, which may be the basis for's official announcement that the company's CEO, liu qiangdong, has been "falsely accused."So how credible are the American attorneys?Since the last time talking about liu commentary by click, here is not hit gun muzzle comment again, but in order to show that the number of attitude, it is necessary to review a criminal case in Minnesota in the United States happened the same, we can find that, between the police and the private law in the United States, who is more let people believe that, of course, this is mainly for liu for the case.On the midnight of July 14, 2016, police officer bower of Minnesota received a report that an Asian woman was wandering alone on the street at night, looking for a suspected robbery.Bower drove to the scene and found the woman unable to communicate in English, with injuries and frightened eyes.So Bauer took the poor Asian woman (HGL) to the hospital.A hospital examination revealed that poor Mrs H had broken ribs and sternum. She also showed the police lacerations, bruises and haematomas on her face, head and body through a mobile phone photo.With the help of a translator hired by the police, Mrs. H explained to the police how she had been abused by her employer.In February 2016, Mrs. H, 58, came to the United States on a tourist visa and became the family nanny of huang lili, 35, who was also Chinese.Before that, Mrs. H had been taking care of huang lili's baby daughter in Shanghai.Huang lili's family was wealthy and owned several properties in China. Since huang lili had been kind to Mrs. H at that time, when huang lili and her husband asked her to continue to work as a family nanny in the United States, Mrs. H came to the United States without signing any written or oral agreement.Mrs. H had thought that when she came to the United States in another country, her old employer, who had always been good to her, would be closer to her and let her work and life follow her heart.However, everything is exactly the opposite of what she imagined, Mrs. H fell into the abyss like a nightmare.Ms. Huang lives in woodbury, minn., a wealthy neighborhood with a golf course behind the yard.Located in woodbury, an upscale neighborhood just outside st. Paul, Minnesota, and home to some of Washington county's wealthiest families, huang's home is valued at nearly $540,000.Mrs H into a person of extraordinary powers curtilage the next day, he started doing to take care of the children, cooking, cleaning the room, master all the household chores, such as servants and as slaves were forced to work 18 hours per day, while li-li hwang couples only promised to pay her $900 salary a month, for just $1.8 an hour, but not for Minnesota law in 2016, the lowest hourly wage is $7.75.Not only that, the rich Chinese huang lili often did not give Mrs. H enough to eat. In just four months, Mrs. H's weight dropped from 120 pounds when she first came to the United States to 88 pounds, making her a real slave.< / p > < p > huang lili home interior scene is worse, huang lili often to this can do her mother's old nanny Mrs. H physical and mental abuse.On July 4, 2016, huang lili started to grab her hair out of anger and hit her head on a table and other objects. When the victim fell to the ground, she continued to beat her and kick her in the ribs.A week later, on July 10, huang lili beat Mrs. H again, leaving her unable to stand and forcing her to crawl around the house like a dog on her hands and knees for up to four hours.< / p > < p > when Mrs. H can not stand the torture of female employers and want to return to China, huang lili unexpectedly forcibly searched her passport, but also extremely viciously picked up a kitchen knife threatened to kill Mrs. H.It is in this extreme fear of mood, Mrs H escaped from the yellow house, but are not familiar with the language, geography, she didn't know where to go, she saw the plane flew over the sky, he went all the way along the direction of the plane, hope to be able to go to the airport on the plane back to the motherland, in the tired and wandering alone late at night, she was found by the police and taken to the hospital.The victim is wandering in this street late at night was found by passersby after the police report then night rushed to huang lili's home for her arrest and searched her home, they found the nanny's passport in the wallet, also found a lot of hair under the nanny's bed.The nanny explained that she had hidden the hair herself, and if it was found by huang, she would force herself to eat it.In light of these facts, a federal court in Minnesota decided to charge huang lili with five felonies, including assault and abuse, unlawful imprisonment and labor trafficking. She made her first court appearance on Friday, July 15.The defendants were released on $350,000 bail on July 18, within the legal framework, but reappeared in court a week later."My client categorically denies the false claims of a former family friend and will be defended through our legal system," said huang's lawyer, Daniel, as the facts of the crime emerged.The fundamental principle of our legal system is the presumption of innocence."In woodbury, where the crime was committed, it is clear that ms huang's personal lawyer only picks up the words the defendant likes to hear.However, American law does not judge cases on the advice of private lawyers.And so it ended.In May 2017, the Minnesota attorney's office charged huang lili with multiple counts of attempted labor trafficking, human trafficking, illegal seizure of documents, indentured servitude, illegal detention and assault.Huang lili pleaded guilty after reaching a plea deal with prosecutors.On August 24th a federal judge in Minnesota handed down the sentence: one year and one day in jail;Confiscate huang lili's house in woodbury, Minnesota;Huang was ordered to pay the nanny $95,944.80 and $27,344.73 for third-party victim services.In the end, huang will pay a total of $123,000 in compensation, a year and a day in prison and legal penalties for returning to China after serving her sentence.Huang must accept the consequences of her crime, not only in terms of monetary compensation, but also in terms of loss of freedom and property, said brook, assistant prosecutor in the case.Investigators from the U.S. department of homeland security in Minnesota were even more sympathetic and outraged, saying that even a sentence and loss of money would not fully compensate for the physical and emotional harm inflicted on the victims.When the news of huang lili's repatriation came back to China, many netizens were equally furious: why should such scum be sent back to harm China?We hope the us government can solve the problem on the spot.However, where does huang lili not go back to China?After all, it was China that went out, and we should thank the United States for coming back.Such a perfect return to zhao, all people feel that the United States law for justice and justice absolutely uphold the strong protection of the weak, such a law is truly worthy of trust and respect.This article was uploaded and published by the author of baijia, which only provides information release platform.This article only represents the author's personal views and does not represent baidu's position.Shall not be reproduced without the permission of the author.Introduction to the second and third branches of thought: feeling the world cold and warm, understanding the flavor of life.

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