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New York Yankees Dresses Skirts Maxi Dresses FansedgeHere's an article from business insider about an American who grew up in California and moved to New York City.9 of the differences between California and New York life moved to just know to the life state of serious New Yorker, little stay in New York for two months later fell in love with the city, after a year chose to come back here to live I have many friends who came to New York because tired of California, feel life unchanged if the quality of life pursuit, like fashion, like activities, like opportunity, but New York is too big, welcome to New York every walk on the road chasing their different life no one path and you have a large degree of overlap,And a chance to meet friend is spelled a life could not see the side of the city also don't believe in love, interpersonal indifference and habitual false masks much true feelings if California life full of leaves, the New York life is full of loneliness but at the end of the day when I often from flushing sway bar to find the presence of a heavy body by narrowing her eyes on the outside of the freezing wall to call the friends in Seattle still believe I still believe that the city's beautiful dream xie asked.I have enough money to live anywhere. Personally, I prefer the weather in Los Angeles, which is similar to the weather in the coastal areas of China.The weather in New York is similar to the weather in northeast China.However, there are more earthquakes and wildfires in California.And there are basically only a few counties and cities in Los Angeles that are Chinese, and if you go outside the Chinese area, you're in the black Mexico area.New York is a mixed city. There are also blacks in the Chinese quarter.Look at the budget.Comparable to Beijing and Shanghai.Consider it according to your abilities.Anyway, if you can stay abroad, you won't worry about the hukou problem.Big cities in the United States are full of Chinese, so it is convenient to buy food and have meals.Shopping is all the same.The prices are similar.A: New York is hard to top.Or do you "live" all the time?East and west coasts have different cultural values.The weather is totally different.New York has a strong business atmosphere, conservative culture, cold weather, often wind, rain and snow.The atmosphere in Manhattan is oppressive, with rows and rows of tall buildings.Public transportation is well developed.House prices are high.It's much better.The weather in Los Angeles is good all year round and there are several nice beaches for living and vacationing.The weather is dry and a bit desert.It is easy to have mountain fires in summer and autumn.The culture is relaxed.It's hard to get around without a car and the traffic is pretty heavy.There's plenty to eat.The cultural difference is that if you dress a little more formally, you'll be treated differently on the west coast.And if you wear a T-shirt and jeans to a meeting in New York, you'll probably be considered a redneck.Long lived on both sides.Conclusion: I personally like the life in New York.Although it was much harder than in Los Angeles, I met different friends, cultures and families in different cultural areas.Every corner is a historic neighborhood full of stories.Each family has its own immigration story and life habits.Every table is a different kind of food.While the culture is very different, you feel that everyone is here with the same values.I used to take the subway home at 4 a.m.Looking at the tired faces in the same compartment.Get off and see the opposite of the platform has already got up in the rush about figure, you sigh the charm of the city.And because of work, engaged in the film industry, had to go to Los Angeles.Los Angeles to me is the kind of place where you say it sucks when you're in Los Angeles, and then you come home and miss Los Angeles.Los Angeles is slower overall, and you have more space and space to play what you want.Each city has its own merits, but there are only two regrets.I went to school in Connecticut, near New York and Boston, often, and also at the university of southern California (LA).Let's just say that if you like to be in a big city and like tall buildings, you can't miss New York.But if you like the sea and bungalow, Los Angeles is your first choice.It's been sunny in Los Angeles for years, and it rarely rains.New York has four distinct seasons and snow in winter.However, one thing to note about living in both cities is that it's best to stay out of New York except for midtown and uptown (especially in flushing, South Korea).New York is messy, and the weather in the northeast is usually cloudy and cold.Personally prefer California more depends on whether you can drive or like to drive.I prefer New York City to eat, drink and be merry. I can often watch TV shows, art heaven and fashion summit

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